Угол. Раиса Скрынник. Что даёт молитва Духом

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Опубликовано: 08 Мар. 2011 г.
Угол. Раиса Скрынник. Что даёт молитва Духом

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Должен ли человек всегда соглашаться с тем, что приходит в его жизнь, принимать и смиряться с тем, что диктует объективная реальность? Проблемы, потери, болезни, страдания. Насколько предназначена наша судьба и где рамки человеческих возможностей что-то изменить?


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  • Fedor 8 лет назад

    I understand this story happen 4 year ago. You talk about rheumatoid arthritis, osteomyelitis and have no idea what it really is. What doctors did for your son? They put him in wheelchair,even Stanford doctor look so unproffesional and unethical. Who has any knowledge in medicine know that story has many make up moment. It is not helpful for christianity and faith.

    • Raisa 8 лет назад

      Fedor, you expressed too much of misunderstandings. Perhaps, you need an appropriate translation. My son was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. All Med. staff was ethical and appropriate. They operated within the scope of the hospital’s policies. However, because my son couldn’t step on his foot, I was concerned and decided to get an answer from God. During my prayer, God showed me a vision that my son has an infected hip (osteomyelitis), and that God is healing him. My son received a divine healing (during the prayer the bone infection found a way and migrated to the muscle space). Med. Doctor has changed the diagnosis after I requested MRI and proper drainage procedure. All records are well documented and available. After all procedures, I received a phone call from the Infectious Department stating that it is scientifically impossible to explain the process of the illness, therefore, they asked me if they can research my son’s immune system regarding his reaction to recent bone infection.

  • tolik 8 лет назад

    i do not understand,how you let your kid to practice karate,where you now this isnt just a sport.It is spiritual based marshal art. Parents wake up! To whom you give your child.

    • raisa 8 лет назад

      Tolik, Sport in my family is used for self-defense reasons. My husband was practicing it, and like any sport, karate helps you to stay in good shape. It is just a sport. In this case there were no spiritual connections. If you want to go deeper and practice spiritual bases with marshal art, you can. However, neither my son nor my husband ever practiced spiritual marshal sport.